Private boat trips in Paros, Antiparos
and the surrounding islands

Escape into the blue on a private boat trip in Paros & Antiparos. Our private boat trips are without a doubt a unique experience. Live unparalleled moments aboard our speed boats and enjoy the Cycladic paradise. Beautiful waterways and amazing scenery that offer memorable experiences out on the water. Aboard our rib boats, you will explore the islands like never before. Discover hidden locations with total privacy. Discover Paros & Antiparos by boat, set your foot on the small islands of Mikronisi & Despotiko, enjoy the beautiful beaches of Southern Paros, the famous “Blue Lagoon”, Panteronissia, hidden caves, and many other idyllic locations. This private day is yours to tailor! Hand pick off track spots and activities for a full personal experience that the crew will help you design if you wish. We offer the most incredible boat trip experiences in Paros & Antiparos.

We promise you an unforgettable experience & a sea adventure of a lifetime.

Boat Trips And Excursions

We travel all around the Cyclades, to find the finest spots to show you, and provide you the ultimate boating experience.

Discover Our Fleet

Choose your vessel and cruise the Aegean in style, comfort and safety.

Extra Services

Memories can last forever! Make sure you keep them by asking for our professional photographer and drone service. You can relive your unforgettable experience with a high-definition top quality movie or offer it to your guests as a memento.
From celebrations, corporate events and sunset trips to milestone birthdays and wedding proposals and dinners by the sea on special locations our MakeWaves team will customize a package specific to your needs
Parallel to the protagonists of the Cyclades let us introduce you to the smaller, offtrack islands and enjoy unprecedented experiences and reviving activities.
MakeWaves offers you the exclusive opportunity to combine your stay in a luxurious villa of high standards with a high-speed boat rental waiting for you just outside your door 24 hours a day every day of the week.
Offer yourself the unique experience of luxury and convenience with a private shuttle offered by MakeWaves’ speed boats. Our reliable fleet meets your transport needs in the fastest, safest, and most luxurious & discreet way.
Our Rib Tendering Services are customized to meet your exact requirements, expectations and destinations. MakeWaves offers professional and reliable tender transport services for guests, crew, luggage or provisions with on land and at sea support

Rent A Boat In Paros

Discover the hidden treasures of the Greek Blue and the Beautiful Cyclades. We’ll help you create memories and exciting stories worth sharing. We invite you to rent one of our Rib boats and experience a truly unique experience.

Renting a skippered boat with MakeWaves grants you the freedom to create your own itinerary, allowing you to explore at your own pace and indulge in the hidden treasures of the Greek Blue. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or a combination of both, our yachts provide the ultimate platform for an extraordinary experience.

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